I'm a Concept Artist with a passion for visual storytelling in games. I enjoy making designs that excite players into interacting with them, or ones that can spark new, fun ideas. Nothing makes me happier than to see people want to explore more of the world I've helped create!

California born and raised, I grew up loving games like Okami and Pokemon, and watching tens of hours of animated films! When I'm not drawing I do fish keeping on the side.

Released Titles I worked on:

  • American Girl World (2018)
  • Crayola Fashion Super Star (2017)
  • Herocade (2017) 
  • Dragon Roll (2016) 
  • FireFall (2015) 
  • Star Wars Expansion for Disney XD Grand Prix (2014)

For Work inquiries check out my Resume. You can also contact me at my Email: donnavu.art@gmail.com

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